Our Happy Learners


Sr. Technical Engineer,
9+ Years Experience

“In this session, I have received too much information from Manjunath Sir, the topic flow, especially how to handle ECAL layer, how external drive and controllers are interfacing with AutoSAR stack and interacting with each other.

The sessions have helped me and now I am aware of LIN and Flexray and am well versed with UDS Diagnostics. I am confident with CAPL and other modules as well.

Appreciate the patience of Sir, as in breaks also he was answering the questions of the participants.”


Team Lead,
6+ Years Experience

“When I entered in AutoSAR session, I was not much aware of BSW. This session gave me clarity on each stack of AutoSAR and now I have the knowledge to understand and communicate with my peers. It is commendable and thanks to Manjunath Sir. I will definitely take it back to my workplace and use it in my BSW work that I have to do. The lab sessions were also useful.”


Automotive IT,
7+ Years Experience

“Training session was very nice. Manjunath Sir is a very good trainer. The way he explains, I like that a lot as it made me understand. I have been studying CAN a lot in-depth for many years but during the weekend session with Autoverse Academy on CAN, I could understand most of the concepts and which helped with my team and even in my workplace. The explanation is great, topic flow is great. AutoSAR, I am brand new, a hot concept, how to cover this data but you have been honest on the time it would take to learn Autosar. The way the training was conducted was worth my time and money. This training is something that I would refer”


Tech Specialist

“My experience during this training program, initially I was hesitant to take up. I was in direct contact with Mr. Manjunath Sir on LinkedIn and I was unsure to take up the program after seeing the course plan but ONE STATEMENT from SIR made me take up the program – Irrespective of the domain, the knowledge that you will get from the program will help you wherever you go, whether in Development or Verification and validation. Now that I am here, this has made complete sense to me, topics that have been covered. I have worked on topics based on the project knowledge, but I did not have in-depth knowledge on those topics. This training made me get that, complete training knowledge. AutoSAR , was the topic that I personally wanted to learn. Had attended couple of trainings in the past, but it didn’t make any sense to me. These 2-weekend topics gave me a broader picture and I understand it is a huge topic and not everything I will be able to take back. But I can understand the language of AUTOSAR and terminologies. Even have conversations with my team which is helpful for my workplace. The training and flow were perfectly fine and were as per expectations. Kudos to your patience level and the examples that you have given in the session. I will definitely refer this program at my workplace, and hopefully, they will take up this training program.”


Software Engineer,
6 Months Experience

“Before joining the session, I knew CAN LIN. Knowledge shared by Manjunath Sir has helped me in my workplace. I was not able to understand when my peers spoke about CANOE and AUTOSAR, but after this training, I can understand their conversation and am able to talk confidently and converse with them on the topics. Sir, explains the topics at the practical level. I am able to relate the knowledge I get here and the practical work I do at my workplace. Some of my doubts were answered during the lunch break. The patience level of sir is very high. AutoSAR is completely new, and I was able to understand it due to chain link creation. The good team here as we were able to support each other and clear our doubts.”


System Engineer,
4+ Years Experience

“I am completely new to AutoSAR domain. But after taking up this session, I gained a lot of confidence about the concepts and everything and now I can serve in the automotive domain. Related to the training session, the topics were designed in such a way that we can relate each and every module to topics. Especially the group learning, QnA sessions, and lab sessions helped me to have more clarity on topics. Thanks to Manjunath sir.”


Tech Specialist, 5+ Years Experience,
Automotive: 8+ Months

“Initially when I started working in my workplace, I was not able to understand and was scared whether I wrongly joined the domain. But after attending this program, has boosted my confidence level. As I could understand better and be confidently speaking at my workplace. All the concepts are brand new to me. I have built up my basics and hopefully will continue to build my skills in this domain.”


“Before this training, I attended many corporate training but this training is complete knowledgable. I was able to build good knowledge and my confidence level increased. Manjunath sir has explained all the topics at a minute level. I would like to thank Raj Sir for following up and clearing our doubts. Thank you for the excellent session.”


Sr. Software Engineer

“Attending this session gave me a coherent idea as to what and how it is working. The way Manjunath explains is highly commendable. His explanations are very clear and all doubts are sorted. The fact that some other topics that were not a part of the training were addressed. I would definitely recommend this program to my colleagues and friends. You commit so much time for this training is deeply commendable.”

Prabu Palaniappan

Masters in Automotive Engineering

“I took the course to get hands-on experience and know more about AutoSAR. The patience level that Manjunath sir has, is immense. He takes time to make us understand everything no matter how simple or complex the doubt is.”


Software Engineer,
9 Months Experience

“I got into Automotive initially in my career. After joining I was not able to learn and improve my skills. This training has helped me a lot as I could perform better who are already skilled. So it has increased my confidence level. Mr. Manjunath is a very good trainer. All the concepts were explained crystal clear.”